The Cove Menu

our passion is SOL

(Sustainable, Organic, Local)

We work with local ranchers and farmers to bring you locally raised, humanely treated, grass-fed Beef, Bison, & Lamb; Free-range Turkey, & Eggs; & as much local, organic produce as we can get our hands on, much of it from our own kitchen garden. Our sodas are cane sweetened, our bread is local, & our hearts are full of love.
Gluten Free options available!


Grilled Tilapia, Cilantro Coleslaw & Spicy Poblano Sauce in a Corn Tortilla 4
Shrimp, Cilantro Coleslaw, Avocado & Wasabi Sauce in a corn torilla 4.50
Two of our Famous Fish Tacos & Side Spinach Salad 11.
One Fish Taco, One Shrimp Taco & Side Spinach Salad 12.


The Real Burger
Grass-fed Beef w/ American Cheese, Spring Mix, Onion, Tomato, Pickle, Mayo, & Mustard 8.
Grass-fed Beef w/ Goat Cheese, Pesto Aioli, Roasted Red Peppers, Spring Mix, Tomato & Onion 10.
Texas Burger
Grass-fed Beef w/ Refried Beans, Corn Chips, Grilled Onions, Cheddar Cheese, Avocado, Spring Mix & Salsa 10.
Eggceptional Burger
Grass-fed Beef, Arugula, Tomato, Sunny-side Up Free-range Egg & Mayo 10.
Latin Lover Burger
Loncillo's Lamb w/ Latin Spices, Cotija Cheese, Our Latin Sauce, Spring Mix Tomato & Onion on Ciabatta 10.
Blue Bison Burger
Thunderheart Bison, topped w/ Bacon, Blue Cheese, Chipotle Mayo, Spring Mix, Tomato, & Onion 12.
Gouda Burger
Grass-fed Beef w/ grilled onions, chipotle mayo, smoked Gouda, organic spinach, bacon, tomato. 11.
Chilango Burger
Grass-fed Beef w/Avocado, Red Onions. Tomato, Oaxaca Cheese & our Smokey Tamarind Sauce 12.
Vegan Bacon Cheese
Brown Rice Patty w/ our Crispy Tofu Bacon, Cashew Cheese, Vegan Mayo, Spicy Mustard, Spring Mix, Tomato, Pickle, & Onion 9.25
Grilled Portobello cap w/ Sauteed Spinach,Tomato, Onion, Jack Cheese & Spicy Poblano Sauce 9.
BBQ Vegan Delight
House-Made Patty, Caramelized Onion, Tomato, Spinach, Pickles, Avocado & our BBQ Sauce 9.25.
Naked Burger
No Buns, No Fries, Happy Thighs! Served on Spring Mix. Topped w/ Spinach, Mushrooms & Spicy Poblano Sauce 10.
Yard Bird
Grilled Chicken Breast, w/ Bacon, Spring Mix, Tomato, Onion & Chipotle Mayo 9.5.


Warm Beet Salad
w/ Organic Spring Mix & Goat Cheese, Walnuts & Vinaigrette 8.
Kale Avocado Spinach Salad
Organic Kale and Spinach with Candied Pepitas and Avocado tossed in our own Celery Dressing 8.


Cheese Burger, Veggie Burger, Hot Dog
All kids meals are served plain & dry, on whole wheat w/ your choice of fries/apple slices, soda/juice box 5.75